Mission accomplished

After an all-day binge preceded by a two-month marathon, this afternoon, at about 3pm, I finished my novel.

It started as a joke that turned into a short story. The short story became a list of chapter ideas, and then last November I wrote the first 50,000 words. Ten months later, it’s at 111,276 words.

It’s not my first novel. It won’t be my last, god willing. But it’s the one I’ve poured the most time, energy, and self into.

Now it’s off to the workshop and the alpha readers and I start the slow descent into madness that is the revision process. Maybe it’s more like an ascent, a long, arduous climb up to the tippy-top of Mount Doom, except it doesn’t end with me throwing my book into hot lava. Or maybe the querying process is the lava in this scenario. This analogy is getting away from me.

The point is, it’s done, and now I can go back to being a Real Person again. Until it’s time to write the next one, of course. Which will be… *looks at calendar*

Aw, crap.

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