Adventures of a Jedi Librarian

Victaella Trannyth surveyed the library sourly. She wondered how she had gotten stuck on this backwater planet where the books were written out by hand onto strips of mashed tree fibers. The amount of space required to store the stacks of “paper” was inconceivable. Still, it was not her place to judge the ridiculously inefficient practices of the locals.

“Jedi Trannyth!” A figure wrapped in the white linen that passed for clothing here huffed and puffed his way up to the librarian’s desk.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Someone has taken the only copy of Hobarth’s ‘Treatise on the Evolution of Silicate Sentience’ without signing the log!”

Victaella’s eyes narrowed. “Show me.”

The distraught man led her to the shelf that had held the “book” and which now sat empty. The log beneath it showed the name of the last person to check out and return the item weeks earlier, then nothing.

“Don’t worry,” Victaella said, smiling as she fondled the lightsaber tucked into her robes. “I’ll get it back. And someone will be sorry.”

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