It’s those little animals again. Hrrk thought at Grrah, who stopped munching on figs to look. What are they doing?

Seems like they’re sifting through our excrement, Grrah thought back. How odd. I wonder where they came from?

And what is that tiny cube they keep pointing at things?

Grrah growled and flicked his tail. Perhaps we should ask them?

Hrrk snorted. Rrrg tried and they ran away. She said to leave them alone.

They watched the creatures in silence. A steady rain began to fall on the broad leaves of the trees that surrounded them, trickling down to the bare earth beneath.

I wonder if they know about the meteor, Grrah thought. Should we warn them?

How? They can’t even speak. They just make chittering noises.

True. Grrah tapped a claw on the ground. Maybe they have their own Ark, and they plan to leave before the meteor hits, too?

Hrrk ruffled his feathers. One can only hope. Let’s go.

They left the mystery behind to finish packing their space ship for the mass exodus.

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  1. I really need to keep up with your blog more.The ambiguity is killing me though!

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