He’d asked for someone easy-going. Pleasant. Good-looking, any ethnicity. Oh, and with at least a master’s degree in physics, preferably a PhD, specializing in optics. Neil gave the agency his credit card information, trying to be hopeful after what had happened with the last girl.

And then she had arrived. She wore a short dress, black hair pulled back, coffee-colored skin making her white smile look brighter.

“Hi, I’m Rachel,” she said. “How can I help you today?”

“Well,” he mumbled, “I could maybe take you down to the lab?”

“Sounds fun! Let’s go.”

They descended a staircase hidden behind a bookshelf, into a huge underground cavern filled with electronics. At the center was a giant laser attached to a computer. Rachel’s eyes lit up and she ran over to inspect it.

“This is amazing!” she exclaimed.

“Want to help me work on it?” Neil asked shyly.

“You bet I do! Let me get changed.”

Sometimes it pays to be an evil scientist, Neil thought, watching Rachel’s shapely backside bounce toward the bathroom.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hahaha! What a great piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

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