Guaranteed Fresh

A lone figure moved through the cold air of the warehouse, walking past row after row of boxed apples and potatoes and onions that awaited shipment. Bluish fluorescent lights flickered on as they sensed his motion, then dimmed as his footsteps faded away. The stillness of the place used to comfort him, but that was before he started to see the shadows of people who weren’t there, and hear the echoes of far-off movement that couldn’t be happening.

They had warned him that this was a possible side effect, nothing to be concerned about. They assured him that he would be alone. He only needed to monitor the small computers that in turn monitored the produce. The most important thing was to keep going forward, to never walk back. Otherwise, there would be… undesirable consequences.

His shift ended and he returned to his bunk, carefully securing the time dilation door behind him before removing his velocity belt. The produce would be waiting for him in the morning, still frozen in time, guaranteed fresh.

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