In the Beginning Was the End

In the beginning they had no eyes; they wove in darkness with black thread. Then He Who Is gave eyes to the spinner, and fibers of many colors, and so the world began. But it was chaotic and without form, so He Who Is gave eyes to the weaver, and she ordered the threads. She separated sky from earth, ocean from land, and every living thing was woven into the tapestry to please He Who Is with their beauty.

But the tapestry grew chaotic once again. Too many threads needed constant weaving and reweaving, and new threads were added. She who had once cut the threads still had no eyes, and was afraid to damage the great work her sisters had created. He Who Is saw the world overburdened with fecundity, and visited the three to ask why they had allowed this. The youngest sister turned her blind eyes to him and explained her fear.

He Who Is smiled. “You are blind so you will favor no thing over another,” he said. “Do not neglect your duty.” And so death came to the world, and so it comes for all.

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2 Responses to “In the Beginning Was the End”

  1. Probably the most beautiful adaptation of the Norns I've read.

  2. Amalia T says:

    This really is fantastic. Well done, Quoth! Maybe you should enter this in the flash contest!

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