Mirror Out of Order

The sign read, “Mirror Under Repair. Please Do Not Use.”

Carla stared at it in confusion. The mirror appeared to be perfectly fine: nothing was broken or chipped or discolored… With a shrug, she dismissed the sign as a prank and dropped her purse on the counter. She rifled around in it until she found the eyeliner she was looking for, then leaned toward her reflected image and pulled at her eyelid.

Later, all the janitor found was her purse and the pencil. He shook his head sadly and placed them on his cart with the rest of the items he had found—makeup, a Barbie doll, medications, but mostly handbags of various sizes. While he mopped the floors and scrubbed the toilets, he wondered when they would get a repairman in to take care of the mirror. The management was always dragging their feet about cost overruns, but it didn’t seem right about all those girls. Somebody ought to do something.

Him, well… he very carefully avoided looking at his reflection.

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