Note Tucked Into a Rare Greek Book

I was mad to think of translating this, and if there is justice left in this misbegotten fiend-ridden universe then the man who sold me this book will suffer my fate. If his store can still be found on Marvell Street and Providence Lane, I beg you to seek him out and question him.

Lord have mercy on me I hear them outside, there isn’t much time. I am trying to burn as much as possible and leave only this note as a warning that others might not follow my path, but it is burning so slowly. It mocks me with its slowness but there is no other way to be sure! I have tried eating it but the taste of rotten flesh in its pages is so vile that my stomach cannot be persuaded to contain it.

They will put me in Arkham I know it but perhaps there I will be out of its reach, perhaps its amorphous creatures with their myriad eyes will be unable to find me, oh Lord if only I can be safe somewhere. I know I cannot make them understand what no sane man could ever accept. I SWEAR THE GIRL I KILLED WAS NOT A GIRL ANY LONGER.

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