The Course of True Love

Charles glared at Regan. “After all we’ve been through, I’m not giving up. Not when we were finally going to start our new life with each other.”

Regan furrowed her brow. “But it’s over. Julia won’t be there tomorrow to meet you. There’s nothing you can do.”

“You never wanted me to be with her!” Charles screamed, face red. “You couldn’t stand that I picked her over you!”

“I didn’t…” A tear slipped down Regan’s cheek. It was true. She’d always loved Charles. It killed her that he didn’t love her back. “That isn’t fair,” she said. “I helped you from the beginning. Every crazy plan, I followed. Everything you asked, I did. All so I could watch you end up with someone else!”

Their eyes met and Regan looked away. Charles’ anger bled out of him. He collapsed in a chair and they sat in silence.

“I can’t believe she’s dead,” he murmured. “Now we’ll never be together.”

Regan squared her jaw. “I don’t know about that.”

She made sure they were buried in the same cemetery. It’s what Charles would have wanted.

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4 Responses to “The Course of True Love”

  1. Laura Eno says:

    Love as eternal bliss… Wicked and humorous!

  2. KM says:

    I did a double-take when I saw your characters’ names because someone I beta for has characters named Charles and RagUn. Weird…haha

  3. Valerie says:

    Thanks, Laura. Katie, that is funny, because the name Charles was given in the prompt for this but I chose the others. Not sure I necessarily wanted the King Lear undertones but I’ll take what I can get. Hope you’re liking that novel, at least, if I’m connected by name association. 😉

  4. John Wiswell says:

    If his heart is so set on being forlorn, then she did him a favor.

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