The Neverending Rivalry

Captain Edward leveled his blaster down the umbilicus and into the other ship, firing indiscriminately. When his shots were met with silence, he gestured and a half dozen pirates rushed forward, screaming threats and defiance. He followed them, drawing his nanoblade with his free hand in case close quarters combat was necessary. The Lotus Blossom, a sleek merchant-class vessel, continued to be suspiciously silent as he stepped through the airlock.

“Maybe they’re holed up on the bridge?” one of his crew asked.

Edward shook his head. “This smells funny, me lads. Keep alert.”

They nodded. Jack nodded his head right off and it hit the floor with a wet thud and bounce. His body crumpled slowly after it, spraying blood on the other pirates.

Edward backed toward the umbilicus. This wasn’t a merchant vessel…

“Bloody space ninjas,” he muttered, and then his arm was off and he was too busy screaming to worry about old feuds.

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