Because one month of insanity isn’t enough

Once again this year, I will be participating in Script Frenzy, put together by the people who are also responsible for NaNoWriMo. Much like its spiritual and literal predecessor, Script Frenzy involves writing a whole lot of words in a mere month, namely 100 pages of a screenplay, stage play, comic book script, or something similar. So what I am saying is, after my month-long absence, I may once again disappear until it’s time to wind ribbons around a maypole.

I rarely work in a complete vacuum, but this time even less so, as I’m writing the script with a partner. Our brains work in a similar enough way to facilitate collaboration but a different enough way to provide for a stimulating exchange of ideas. It is a Good Thing. I’m not sure how people usually work out the logistics of this kind of thing, but we’ve opted to split the scenes so that neither of us has to wait around for the other to finish up a section in order to move forward. Perhaps if we had more than a month, we’d be able to go back and forth in a more linear way, but them’s the breaks.

We shall see what unfolds.


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