Behold: Forged by Fate!

So my word warrior pal Amalia Dillin has been working on some novels for a while. Like so many of us writer types, she spent a lot of time spazzing over visions and revisions and queries and more revisions and checking her email a hundred times a day to see if anyone was ready to lavish her with money for her books.

And then, someone did. Though I’m sure “lavish” is an exaggeration, because her name does not start with “Snookie” or end with “Rowling.” Even so, it’s always awesome to see a good and hard-working person get rewarded for their efforts.

Without further ado, I’m proud to present the cover of this, first novel of her forthcoming Fate of the Gods trilogy: Forged by Fate!

The back cover text, for your additional perusing pleasure:

After Adam fell, God made Eve to protect the world. — Adam has pursued Eve since the dawn of creation, intent on using her power to create a new world and make himself its God. Throughout history, Eve has thwarted him, determined to protect the world and all of creation. Unknown to her, the Norse god Thor has been sent by the Council of Gods to keep her from Adam’s influence, and more, to protect the interests of the gods themselves. But this time, Adam is after something more than just Eve’s power — he desires her too, body and soul, even if it means the destruction of the world. Eve cannot allow it, but as one generation melds into the next, she begins to wonder if Adam might be a man she could love.

Every god, from each of the world’s pantheons, mythologies, and religions — they’re all real in this enthralling fantasy romance that spans centuries.

So there you have it! If you’re into myth, history and romance, check this book out when it emerges like Athena from the head of Zeus on March 5th. It’s already up on Goodreads as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Amalia says:

    I especially appreciate the emerging like athena from the head of Zeus line! haha. Thanks for sharing!!

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