Chance Encounter at WVUM

On October 6, I had the pleasure of joining hosts Natasha and Hunter on the Chance Encounter show on WVUM, the radio station of the University of Miami. We talked about a lot of stuff: my writing, what I’m reading, microfiction, NaNoWriMo, and the speculative fiction community.

First, a link to the show for your listening enjoyment:

The show’s regular spot is from 9-10pm on Mondays. Tune in!

I also wanted to share links to a lot of the stuff I talked about, and some of the things I read. I’m still trying to sell “The Virtue of Shellfishness,” so that isn’t available online yet. But the other two pieces I read were “Requiescat,” originally published in Sliver of Stone, and “Racism Lite,” published in scissors & spackle.

In no particular order, here is a list of links to cool things I mentioned. More will be added by request, or as I find things I missed:

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