New story in Birdville Magazine

If you missed the announcement on Twitter, I’ve got a new story published in Birdville Magazine. It was a difficult one to write, but the editor was both patient and immensely helpful with some great, gentle criticism. I hope you enjoy it!


11 Responses to “New story in Birdville Magazine”

  1. Laura Eno says:

    That story gave me chills. Awesome!

  2. Amalia T says:

    That story was incredible. I felt like I was reading something from one of those short story anthologies in an American literature class. Seriously, incredible. I don’t even have words for the literary awesome that you achieved there.

  3. Amalia T says:

    It was so awesome that I awesome-marked this post a second time for emphasis.

  4. Mari Juniper says:

    Wow, I don’t usually mark these ratings, but awesome indeed!

  5. ganymeder says:

    That story was breathtaking. Seriously. I was holding my breath to find out what would happen and loved the unexpected happy ending.

    Congratulations. You deserve it.

  6. You evoke such a great sense of setting. Very well done.

  7. What a beautiful story, Valerie. I was misty-eyed at the end. Wonderfully written. Congratulations.

  8. Excellent, excellent story. The ending was very sweet indeed!

  9. Tara says:

    Hey Valerie!

    I tagged you in a blog post today. Check it out! =)


  10. Tara says:

    Oh yeah, also, I really liked your story! It was very well written and I liked the ending.

  11. Dad says:

    another example of substance over form…well done!

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