New story in vis a tergo

I was asked to write a Christmas story for vis a tergo, nothing too sappy or sentimental, and this is what I had to say. Hope you like it. Check out the rest of this issue while you’re there.


5 Responses to “New story in vis a tergo”

  1. Great story, Valerie. She finally found a way to shut her up. It only took 20 years. LOL

    Although, I must say, I’m torn as to whether I enjoyed the story more or your bio. 🙂

  2. Icy Sedgwick says:

    I agree with Danielle, that’s a fantastic bio!

    Loved the story though. Such wonderful dialogue.

  3. ganymeder says:

    I loved the story, but I think I loved the bio even more. So, what’s it like in a pod of dolphins?

  4. Josh C says:

    Is this story autobiographic in any fashion? That sounds like the sort of thing parents would accost you with for 2 decades.

  5. Josh C says:

    PS Congrats!

    PPS Love the bio! 😀

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