SF Signal Mind Meld

I had the privilege of submitting an essay to SF Signal for their Mind Meld feature, which collects thoughts on a topic from a variety of brilliant people. This one was “The Intersection of SF/F Games and Genre Fiction,” and the operative questions were: “What Fantasy and SF games are you currently playing or involved in? How do you think they reflect or refract the genre? What can genre fiction learn from games, and where can games learn from genre fiction?”

I wrote about Dragon Age: Inquisition, a subject that is dear to my heart and, unfortunately for my friends, near to my tongue. Specifically, I discussed the use of romance in the game, as well as player choice and (the horror!) fanfic.

You can also read essays by Elizabeth Bear, Myke Cole, Beth Cato, Seanan McGuire, and other amazing authors, covering topics from Pathfinder to Pokemon. My personal favorite was SL Huang’s, which discussed a bunch of stuff I wanted to mention but had avoided in the interest of brevity.

Go. Read. Enjoy. Then come back here and talk to me about Dragon Age.

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