What sticks and what falls

It’s a bit challenging to keep a blog when you find that the occurrences in your life are so quotidian that sharing them would be unbearably boring. I could practically write a journal entry and then copy and paste it every day with the most minimal of changes–say, what time I remember to eat lunch (probably 1pm) and what color pants I am wearing (probably black). Probably the most noteworthy events of the past few months are that I finally saw the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie and I’ve grown quite fond of the show Warehouse 13. I’m sure I could tease some rambling sentiments out of those items but I cannot guarantee they would be readable. There is one other event that actually merits mention, but as there is an ongoing investigation, I am a bit hesitant to discuss it at length.

In short, I am a boring person with a boring life. In a desperate attempt to fill the void, I’m going to post my pieces of short fiction that have already been shared on Ficly.com. In future I hope to write one every other day at least and post them here as a means of forcing a habit. I’m also going to share the script I wrote for a comic book project being put together on the Penny Arcade forums, which is currently being drawn and will hopefully emerge as a beautifully inked butterfly by the end of the year. Given that the artist is working for free and has other things on his plate, we shall see what unfolds.


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