When it rains, it pours

It’s surreal to be sharing good news in the middle of a hurricane. I’m sitting in Georgia right now, where Irma is shedding rain and shaking down trees as she slowly unravels, and I have no idea whether my home in Miami is still standing. My family is safe, though, unlike so many others; what is lost can be rebuilt or replaced in time.

On to the good news, then: I have an agent! After months of querying and uncertainty and an incredibly tough final decision, I’ve signed with Quressa Robinson at Nelson Literary Agency. I’m extremely excited to work with her, nerd out with her, and ply her with wine so I can seal her up behind a wall of my books. Okay, not that last one. Well, the wine, yes, but not the Poe stuff–I’m too Hufflepuff for that nonsense.

I have so many people to thank for helping me get to this point: Jay, who is the best, FYI HTH; Matthew and Rick and my other TWB peeps for their endless support and beta reads and tear-absorbent shoulders and brioche; Jilly and the Brainery crew, who pushed me to turn a short story into a novel and then to fix what was broke; all my VP Twen-Tea (and beyond) comrades who critiqued my work and continue to encourage me every day (go Cheese Weasels!); my NaNoWriMo folks, who shut up and write with me on Sunday afternoons; my husband Eric, who I strive to deserve and who challenges me to be a funnier human; my mom, who steals my child so I can make time to write; and the rest of my friends and family, including my dad and stepmom and siblings, who buoy my confidence by being continually impressed by my accomplishments. If I’ve forgotten anyone, I blame pregnancy brain, which is absolutely real and which has caused me to lose common words and say things like “reach me that bowl” instead of actual English phrasing.

And now, back to watching weather-related news until my eyes bleed.

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