What is this stuff?

I’m going to post some of the things I wrote as narration for an online version of the party game Mafia. It doesn’t all make a load of sense because essentially it is written to explain what happens in the game each day, that is, to provide a narrative explanation for the outcome of various game mechanics such as “x kills y” or “a guards z” and so on. Because the narratives rely on the actions of the individual players in the game, they are not always good examples of story telling, but I think they are well enough written to be worth sharing, if only as a feeble attempt to convince myself that I can write something decent on a very short deadline.

Anyway, feel free to skip that stuff since it is both lengthy and not necessarily of interest to anyone besides me. Perhaps one day I will mold it into actual stories but for now, I am just copying and pasting.


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