Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What must I do when I get a sentry summons?
  2. If summoned, listen carefully to the instructions provided by your satellite guide. Utilize the abilities temporarily granted to you to accomplish your mission as efficiently as possible.

  3. How do I postpone sentry duty?
  4. Sentry duty can only be postponed under extraordinary circumstances. The satellites are programmed to avoid selection of candidates who are unable to perform the duties required; therefore, if you have been selected, it is unlikely that your circumstances are sufficient to warrant postponement.

  5. How do I ask to be disqualified from sentry service?
  6. You may petition for a psychiatric re-evaluation in order to disqualify yourself from service. Re-evaluations are available once every five years. Individuals providing proof of a sufficiently traumatic recent experience may request temporary disqualification.

  7. What about child care?
  8. Single parents or parents in the process of supervising children will not be selected unless alternate supervision is immediately available.

  9. What if I do not serve?
  10. Failure to report for sentry duty is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of $1,000.00 or ten (10) percent of the property damage caused by failure to serve, whichever is greater. You may also be found in contempt of court and sentenced to confinement in jail. Payment of a fine does not prevent you from being summoned again in the future.

  11. Will I get paid for sentry service?
  12. If you are employed full time, your employer must pay you your regular wages during sentry duty. If you are employed part time, you will receive payment only if your work is interrupted. The standard hourly rate for sentry duty is equal to the minimum wage in your state.

  13. What if the weather is bad?
  14. The satellite will provide appropriate abilities to address this situation.

  15. What if my employee is called to sentry duty?
  16. Employers who fire or threaten to fire employees because of sentry duty may be fined up to $500 or imprisoned up to thirty days or both if convicted of this charge.

  17. What if the summons is wrong or the person summoned has died?
  18. The satellites are programmed to avoid selection of candidates who are unable to perform the duties required.

  19. How was I selected?
  20. The satellites are programmed to select candidates within a particular radius who possess the appropriate neurocognitive abilities to assess and react to the specific threat. As abilities provided by the satellites are tailored to the situation, candidates’ physical qualities are not emphasized.

  21. How can I get more information?
  22. Contact your local Sentry Registration Center if you have further questions.