It’s been a while…

Tree trunk decorated with windows and a door at the base, a row of mushrooms lead to the door like a paved walkway
It’s bigger on the inside

Wandering back into this blog after so long feels a little like visiting some crumbling ruin overgrown with moss, with birds and mice nesting in various nooks and sunlight peeking through holes in the ceiling. I’ve posted more regularly, though still sporadically, to my newsletter, and to other social media in short form. But as certain online spaces slowly collapse through some combination of ignorance and malice, here I am, retreating to this quiet corner that is completely my own, however lonely and deteriorated it may be by comparison.

I’m not sure how much more frequently I’ll be updating going forward, but one thing I am going to do is repost a few things here that I think are worth preserving. They may be cleaned up or expanded from their original form, but they will sadly be lacking in accompanying amusing gifs. So it goes.

If you’re reading this and you happen to want me to share some specific post you remember fondly, or opine on a particular topic, feel free to drop a comment and let me know. Otherwise, prepare yourself for incoming random thoughts on various life- and writing-related stuff as we gently relocate the nesting creatures and begin to patch the roof. We’ll leave some of the moss, though; it gives the place character, don’t you think?

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