What’s worse than jury duty? Sentry Duty.

Citizens of the United States of America over the age of 18 are required to register. All registrants are subjected to rigorous psychiatric evaluation in order to become eligible for activation.

When a threat is detected, the Sentry Satellite Defense System (SSDS) will activate the nearest suitable candidate and provide him or her with appropriate superhuman abilities to address the situation. Multiple units may be activated simultaneously as needed. Upon neutralization of the threat, the superhuman abilities will be withdrawn.

The Pitch, by AJ Apelian

I was reading O.M.A.C. by Jack Kirby and the idea hit me — super hero draft. See, the whole gist of O.M.A.C. is that he is just some dude they picked and a satellite, Brother Eye just zaps the guy and he has super powers, and whenever he has to do something rad, Brother Eye zaps him again and he becomes boss as hell.

So, instead of having someone willing to be this hero, why not make it anyone and everyone as a citizen of the United States of America over the age of 18 has to register to be zapped by a super hero beam whenever supervillain shenanigans break out and they are nearby?

It can be anyone. Some people will think it is the greatest thing ever to be a superhero and have a sentient satellite talking to you all the time. Sometimes it’ll be an annoyance. Sometimes it won’t be the first time this has happened to you. Hell, sometimes you might decide to be a villain yourself. Who knows what can happen!

This’ll be a world where there are honest-to-goodness real superheroes and villains, but man they can’t be everywhere. So, some unlucky insurance broker in Tuscaloosa has to go fight, say, Dr. Doom just because he is in the wrong place at the wrong time and all the while he’s got this annoying satellite giving him instructions and just when he gets used to it and finds a way to defeat the villain, it’s right back to insurance brokering. How the hell do you explain that to your boss? Sorry, dude, I was gonna come to work but I had to go fight Galactus. My bad.

It can be a bunch of done-in-one stories or whatever and can have as much silver age wackiness as possible since the satellite can give them any power they want ever.

Pretty dang rad, huh?