Valerie Valdes attended the University of Miami, where she majored in English literature with minors in creative writing and motion pictures. After graduation, she studied poetry in an intensive six-week program at Trinity College Dublin with Denise Duhamel and Campbell McGrath. Since then, she has participated in numerous workshops with writers and editors including CC Finlay, Jeff VanderMeer, Nick Mamatas and Carrie Cuinn. Her latest work is published or forthcoming in Lakeside Circus and She Walks In Shadows, the first all-women Lovecraft anthology by Innsmouth Free Press.

Valerie has over fifteen years of experience as a copy editor and proofreader for individual and corporate clients. She has served as the Municipal Liaison for the Miami region of National Novel Writing Month for ten years, and runs The Miami Grindstone, which coordinates local meet-ups and provides information on calls for submission and writing-related topics. When she isn’t reading, writing or editing, she usually steals time to play video games after her son is asleep.