Space Moms Launch!

Space Moms Launch: A Literary House Party

Prime Deceptions comes out next week! OMG! Exclamation points!!!

As with Chilling Effect, it’s surreal how the release starts out so incredibly far away, and then suddenly is looming. It’s like a mountain range you knew was ahead of you somewhere on the other side of a huge, flat plain, but you couldn’t see it, and then one day you could, and then suddenly you were right in front of it and getting ready to climb.

But enough analogies! On to the celebration!

Karen Osborne also has a book coming out next week, Architects of Memory, and as we are both moms writing space books, we decided to have a dual book release party. The full details and schedule are still being worked out, but our guest list is already extremely awesome, and you’re all invited to come enjoy the festivities with us.

Head on over to Karen’s website for more information, as well as the link to register for the event. Hope to see you all there!

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