Back to the future, and also the past

You can now pre-order the anthology in which my short story, “A Brain, a Heart, a Home, the Nerve” appears, alongside many other awesome new and classic tales. Check out Time Travel Short Stories if you want a lovely hardcover book to casually leave out on a coffee table or adorn your bookshelf with supreme fanciness.

Buying what I’m selling

I am pleased to report that I’ve sold not one, but two things, to excellent places.

The first is a short story, to a time travel anthology by Flame Tree Publishing. You can read the announcement of the ToC on their site; stay tuned for information on where and how to buy a copy. Many thanks to my multiple beta readers, who helped me whip it, into shape, shape it up, get straight, okay I’ll stop with the Devo now.

The second is a poem, to the inimitable Uncanny Magazine. I’ll link the issue when it goes live. It’s about my grandparents, and the afilador who drives around town looking for knives to sharpen. If you’ve never heard the afilador’s whistle, it sounds like this.

50 Shades of PoC

It started with a rant, and a poll, and me griping about things on the internet (as I am sometimes wont to do) to people who also have gripes.

Then Silvia Moreno-Garcia asked me to be on a small panel to talk about some issues PoC writers face when writing and publishing.

The discussion is, I think, pretty great, in the way that getting things off your chest in the hopes that the world will improve is great, and not feeling alone in certain experiences is great, and reading smart thoughts from smart people is great.

Check it out, stay woke, or if you’re not woke then get a cafecito and a pastelito y no jodas tanto.

Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

My story “A Diet of Worms” was published in the October issue of Nightmare Magazine, for their People of Colo(u)r Destroy Horror! special. Read it, fear it, send me all your gummy worms. There’s an associated interview, if you want a peek into the inner workings of my story mind and don’t get enough of that from Twitter ramblings.

Since it was published this year, the story is eligible for awards. I’m not sure which ones, precisely, but you could nominate it for some if you enjoyed it.

In other news, I had the enormous pleasure of attending Viable Paradise in October, which deserves a lengthy and glowing report that I will likely get to after NaNoWriMo has released me from its cruel tentacle-y grasp. I learned things, I wrote things, but more importantly, I made friends with some of the finest humans around.

In conclusion, this cat is snoring. Please do not wake him.

SF Signal Mind Meld: Our Recent Faves from the Lighter Side of Genre

The operative question for this Mind Meld was: What books have you read, especially recently, that you’d recommend to others as a temporary vacation from the slings and arrows of our current world?

Because I am nothing if not consistent, I once again mentioned Diana Wynne Jones, whose work never fails to put me in a chipper mood. I also offered up my most-reread duology by Patricia C. Wrede, because I’m a sucker for Regency romance.

There are a ton of great recommendations there, so check it out. You can apologize to your wallet later.