Externally Imposed Hiatus

Sometimes life gets in the way of things. Sometimes your dad ends up in the hospital so you fly out to California for three weeks, then come back and scramble to get your act together at work. Posting on blogs becomes a bit less important during those times. Thankfully, they do not last forever, and normalcy or a semblance thereof reasserts itself.

Catch up, nonetheless, continues. I managed to leave town just before my final exam in Greek tragedy, so that has to be made up post-haste. The time for crafting a substantive blog entry has not yet surfaced, and in fact I am writing this paltry update in small blocks of random time. But! Soon there will be time for visions and revisions, and more importantly for reviews of the few books I was able to read while I sat in hospital rooms and airports.

Meanwhile, I am attempting to be better about contributing to that ultimate word count compressor, Twitter, so you can find me there if you are absolutely miserable without reading my sagacious commentary here. All two of you.

Additionally, I have begun a new experiment that will hopefully be a success, namely taking other small blocks of time and using them to write tiny stories on a website called Ficly. Lo, the madness has begun. May it continue and be fruitful and multiply.


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