Nostos: Homecoming

I return home after a lovely cruise and my first order of business is to write a paper on, well, homecomings in The Odyssey. I have a feeling that the page limit has been mightily exceeded and I will have to trim liberally but, in a way, that tends to be easier than using what my boss calls “the gluteus maximus extraction method” to pad an otherwise flimsy essay. I remember back in high school and the early days of college when it seemed so difficult to find enough to say about anything to fill one page, let alone three or four. How the times have changed.

And with that ironically brief note, I’m off to cook some dinner. I’m not sure whether tomorrow will bring more perusal of The Voyage of Argo or the beginning of our exploration of Virgil’s Aeneid, but either way I am likely to remain in ancient lands.

Epic. It’s what’s for breakfast.


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